Property Management

Property Management


Good property management ensures a healthy property and guards against physical deterioration and depreciation in value.
Our property/facilities management services covers but not limited to the following:

Finding Tenants & Arranging Lettings
To manage a property successfully depends to a large extent, on the selection of tenants for the property. It is important that suitable tenants are chosen; therefore it is our duty to investigate as much as possible prospective tenants to ensure that they fulfill the basic requirements.

In addition to finding suitable tenants; negotiation of suitable terms and the appropriate wording of the tenancy agreements for various units of occupation are very fundamental in the successful management of properties with multiple occupants.

Periodic Inspections
We shall carry out periodic routine inspections of the properties in order to keep abreast of the current situation of the property.

This enables us to observe first hand, the state of repairs and to determine the necessary maintenance action to be carried out.

Service Charge
We deal with issues relating to service charge assessment, apportionment and payment in shared premises

General Repairs and Maintenance
We carry out; routine inspection and prepare reports on all properties; render maintenance advice, supervise and apportion repairs liabilities; supervise property maintenance works, monitoring of service contract for lift, generators, water treatment and other facilities; and preparation of schedule of repairs

Conflict Resolution
Conflicts and complaints may arise between co-tenants and in some cases between tenants and landlord. We act as a mediator to ensure that conflicts are resolved as amicably and as quickly as possible so that the landlords and tenants interests are not adversely affected.

Lease Management
We manage individual/companies properties all over the nation, creating a data bank for all properties owned and leased by them, keeping and monitoring long and short-range diary on leases held by them, and representation in negotiation with superior lessors.

Ground Rent
We assist companies in ground rent-reviewing, collection of demand notice and effecting payment

Tenement and other rates
We assist with assessment and review of valuation list, representing parties at various tenements and other rates tribunal, obtaining rates demand notices from appropriate authorities, effecting payment and ensuring that the records are updated accordingly.

Property Taxation
We deal with issues relating to all forms of property taxation levied by different arms of Government, review, contest and effect payment